Nèo Design Italiano

Nèo Design Italiano

Curatorial project

Nèo Design Italiano is a curatorial project founded at the end of 2018 from an original idea by Giuseppe Arezzi, Sara Bizzocchi, Elisabetta Boi and Teo Sandigliano.

"In an ever-changing international context, there is a new generation of Italian designers who represent the real novelty in the world of design, capable of adapting to the ever-changing conditions of the market and of the project. Each of them has their own language and pursues their own personal research, amidst the difficulties of every day."

Neo's critical objective is to bring to light the novelties of Italian Design and, at the same time, to open a discussion on a discipline that is changing dramatically.

Members: Giuseppe Arezzi @giuseppearezzi, Beatrice Bianchet @beatrice.bianchet, Sara Bizzocchi @sara.bizzocchi, Elisabetta Boi @elisabetta_brice, Caracol (Giovanni Avallone e Paolo Cassis) @caracol_am, Andrea de Chirico @andrea.dechirico, Alessio D’Ellena @alessio_dellena, Matteo Di Ciommo @matteo_diciommo, MAIS Project @mais.project, Isato Prugger @isatoprugger, Teo Sandigliano @teosandigliano, Andrea Sebastianelli @sebastianelliandrea, Giulia Soldati @giuliaasoldati, Tipstudio (Tommaso Lucarini, Imma Matera)  @tipstudio_e Alain Zanchetta @alain.zanchetta



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